Security at statement.

Keeping our customers' data secure is a top priority for us and we take this responsibility seriously. Our commitment to security is reflected in the way we design our products, policies, and procedures.

Our strategy

To ensure the safety of your data, we employ best practices in system architecture and internal processes.

Zero-trust architecture

We enforce strict authentication and authorization procedures throughout our system, even between internal services within the network perimeter.

Principle of least

We limit system access to the minimum required level, for both employee access and internal communication between systems.

Data encryption

We encrypt your data in transit and at rest using modern cryptographic algorithms like AES256-GCM, as well as follow key management best practices and strictly control user access.

Secure development practices

We conduct thorough security-design reviews and regular penetration tests. All employees and contractors attend mandatory annual information security training.

Product security

Customers can centrally manage their access to our product using single sign-on (SSO). Our data is immutable, and we keep a record of all actions in an audit log.

Trust and security

Certifications and attestations: Our enterprise-grade security features and comprehensive audits ensure that we align with the industry's best practices.
Trust and security are at the core of our commitment to our customers.

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