Statement is a team of passionate financial and technical experts

Our vision

Driving a resilient and thriving business future by unlocking financial connectivity.

Our mission

At Statement, our mission is to streamline financial management for companies by optimizing their financial processes. We strive to free up your valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing and succeeding.

We believe that fostering a strong culture of teamwork is crucial for our success. We firmly believe that when individuals come together, pooling their unique skills and perspectives, they can drive innovation, boost productivity, and create an inclusive and positive work environment that propels us towards our goals.

Our Investors

Our principles

The customer comes first

We really, really care about our customers. Statement is at the core of our customers' understanding and management of their financial health and we take this obligation very seriously. We pay great attention to detail and are very careful and precise with our customers' data security and accuracy. In these turbulent times we are critical to our customers' financial success, and we are laser focused on their needs, with around the clock, immediate response times for any matter that requires our attention

Ownership mindset

At Statement we emphasize end-to-end ownership of tasks, accountability, and we maintain an extremely high bar of excellent results. We always go the extra mile, get our hands dirty, and never say "it’s not my job."

Act with urgency

Speed matters in business. We make data-based decisions fast, intentional and measurable. We constantly debrief and validate our assumptions and correct course as needed to get the job done.

Embrace uncertainty

The only constant in life is change. We support one another through challenges, build resilience, and foster curiosity. This empowers us to excel and deliver outstanding value to our customers.

Tackle hard problems

At Statement we are challenging the status quo and are building the world's best financial operations platform. This is not easy and requires curiosity, ingenuity, a high pace of delivery and high energy to deal with blockers quickly and efficiently.

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