The Cash Intelligence Platform

Fast, multi-bank and ERP connectivity, real-time cash positions & working capital analytics, automated A/R reconciliation and AI powered cashflow forecasting. The Statement platform gives strategic leverage to every treasurer.

Platform Foundation

Statement's platform is a powerful integration hub, designed to work seamlessly with a diverse array of banking systems, ERP software, and financial platforms. Whether you're working with traditional banking systems, modern FinTech applications, or a mix of both, our platform bridges the gap, providing a singular, cohesive view of all your financial data in real-time.

The platform's core features include robust scalability and real-time functionality, ensuring optimal performance and data accuracy as your business needs grow and evolve. All of this comes with advanced security measures to ensure your financial data is always protected. Experience the synergy of advanced integrations and real-time data management with Statement's platform.

Data Enrichment

Imagine having the ability to effortlessly identify the counterparty in each transaction - no more guessing games or hours spent on manual research. Our platform automatically recognizes and categorizes these entities, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Data Quality

Our robust data quality processes ensure that your data is cleansed, standardized, and validated, eliminating duplicates, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies. By improving the integrity and reliability of your data, our platform enables you to confidently rely on accurate insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Platform Features

Global Cash Management

Connectivity to every bank, ERP, expense management and investment system globally. Access always-on cash positioning and flexible reporting for real-time analytics on your working capital.

Automated Transaction Categorization

Our proprietary machine learning models automate the categorization of every bank transaction - in real-time. With direct integrations into every ERP, we eliminate the need for manual tagging, and we set the foundation for better forecasting.

Automated A/R Reconciliation

Your ERP invoice data is automatically matched to your categorized bank transaction data. We use AI to ensure accuracy and reduce time spent in the AR reconciliation process.

Real-time Forecasting

Statement updates your rolling 13-week cash forecast in real-time. How? It's a team effort. We leverage our total connectivity across your entire financial stack, your categorized transaction data, and apply our AI to your ERP data and forecasting model.

AI with "Ask Robin"

With Ask Robin, the answer to any liquidity question is always right in front of you. Immediately and securely answer any inquiry, while saving time manually searching through bank and ERP data.

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